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Jesus is the One and Only God who is living everywhere. This site will tell you about Lord Jesus

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Good Friday – Lord Jesus died for our sins

Praise Lord.,

What is Good Friday ?

Good Friday, this is the day that our Lord Jesus died for all human sins. In this day all the people will remember the death of Lord Jesus and his suffering on the cross for us. Many will remember the 7 words spoken by Lord Jesus on Cross and also they will meditate on that. This help to understand his Love more deeper and deeper.

Lord Jesus died for our sins

The main purpose for his death is to save us from sins. While talking about sin many people only think about the physical sin what we are doing, i.e they will only think about Drinking Alcohol, Using Drugs, Prostitution and the other sins mentioned in 10 commenments

What is Sin?

The General term is miss in the mark. you get deviated from the actual targets set by God.

The unidentifed Sins:

Unwanted angry, Not spending proper time with Lord Jesus, No bible reading, Not spending your Money properly, Not Respecting others, False Love etc. These are the sins which is always close to your heart and mind which is not visible to human eyes many times.

Friends, be aware of unidentified sins in you. Be aware of what your are doing, before doing any activity. Just analyse it will spoil our lord Name. It help you to live Holy in earth.


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